Get the necessary skills in web technologies in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Dynamic Training

Flexible formats

We can conduct various customized courses, virtually or onsite:

  • Classroom Training

    Structured courses to a room filled with students

  • Coaching and Mentoring

    One-on-One meetings with members of your team

  • Keynote speeches

    Speaking engagements to an audience on a topic of interest

  • Webinars

    Virtual sessions with an online audience

  • Worshops

    Interactive presentations to a audience

Qualified Experts

Our educators  are experts in their field and are able to influence learner improvement through:

  • Lectures

    Instructor-led presentations

  • Practicals

    Hands-on exercises

  • Discussions

    Engaging conversations

  • Assignments

    Allocated tasks

  • Assessments

    Assignment review

Relevant Courses

Industry relevant training courses on a wide range of web technologies

Internet Literacy

Email, Web, Social Media, Messaging

Online Safety for Teens

Social Media, Surfing, Content, Contact, Conduct

Online Safety for Parents

Firewalls, Routers, Filters, History, Anti-Virus

Website Design with WordPress

Domain, Hosting, Installation, Themes, Templates

Programming Fundamentals

Classes, Variables, Conditions, Repetitions, Inheritance

Front-End Web Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, IDE

Back-End Web Development

C#, PHP, Python, Apache, IIS, Nginx, SQL Server, MariaDB, Postgres, Django, . Net Core

Advanced Database Design

SQL Server Express, SSMS, SQL

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