Dedicated Support

Keep your investment in a web solution safe and healthy with our care and support plans.

Dedicated Support
Crucial Care

Crucial Care

After the launch of your web solution, we provide crucial care in the form of:

  • Software Updates

    Updates to the core framework, plugins, libraries and code base to maintain existing functionality and security.

  • Backups

    Copies of the system kept in storage as an insurance should anything ever go wrong with the web solution

  • Technical Support

    Training, design and content updates, troubleshooting to handle bugs, crashes and other defects within the web solution

  • Optimisations

    Performance enhancements to elements such as the database, externally loading files, images and page load speed

  • Srategy Consulting

    Consultation session to field questions and gather input, as well as offer recommendations and report on work accomplished.

Reachable Team

Or support team can provide assistance using various means:

  • Onsite visits

    We visit your place of business

  • Phone calls

    We call your office or mobile

  • Email corespondences

    To keep a digital trail of interactions

  • Remote Access Tools


  • Videoconferencing

    Zoom, Meet, Teams

Reachable Team

Supported Web Solutions

We provide ongoing support to two types of web solutions

WordPress Website Care

Support for public websites built on the WordPress Platform

Enterprise Web Application Support

Support is provided for all in-house, custom enterprise web applications built on the C# .Net Framework or the Django Framework

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