3 Easy Ways To Shop Online Without A Credit Card

Shop Online Without A Credit Card
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Do you need to shop online without a Credit Card? For instance, you have no Credit Card but your business may need to purchase a website address or web hosting for a professional website design project. You may also need to shop online for goods from the United States, China, or some other country.

Not having a Credit Card could become a major stumbling block for your business. However, have no fear, things have been made easier.

The following are ways in which you can enjoy online shopping without a credit card in Trinidad and Tobago or other countries.

1. Use a personal shopping service company

One of the primary ways in which you can shop online without a credit card is to use a personal shopping service company. A personal shopping service provider helps clients buy various items from foreign online e-commerce shopping stores such as Amazon. These companies would use their credit card information to purchase your online shopping item.

The local companies in Trinidad and Tobago that provide this service include:

These are all reputable Freight Forwarding or Skybox companies. A skybox company is a company that gives you a US address a.k.a. Skybox address for online shopping WITH a Credit Card. This US skybox address is used as the shipping address instead of your local address in Trinidad and Tobago.

However, if you need to shop online without a Credit Card, here is how you would use the personal shopping service provider:

  • Firstly, browse online for the shopping item you would like to purchase.
  • Copy the website address link and supply the link to the service provider for purchase.
  • Make a payment of fees to the personal shopping service provider.
  • After approval and confirmation of payment, the service provider would then purchase the item for you on your behalf.

Using a personal shopping service company is the best way to shop online without a credit card.

2. Ask a friend to purchase the item

Another way in which you can shop online without a Credit Card in Trinidad and Tobago is to enlist the help of a friend. If your friend is abroad and due back into the country soon, they can purchase the items for you.

If it is a service-oriented item that you need to purchase online, then your friend can purchase the item for you online. This, however, is not a practical solution for serious-minded businesses.

3. Source the item locally

If none of the options above is workable, then you would have to source the item locally. This would mean trekking to multiple local brick-and-mortar stores to hunt for the item. This hassle, however, is one of the reasons why many persons prefer online shopping.

You can also search on local online shopping stores for the item. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, Trinidad and Tobago has seen an upsurge in the number of online stores and online marketplaces. This is because businesses are now realizing the tremendous benefits of having a professional online presence. Some of these local online shopping stores may offer cash-on-delivery or Wipay vouchers. This method bypasses the need for any skybox or Credit Card altogether.


So, the next time you are online and see an item that you are interested in, still, take note of the website address. Then use one of the above options to purchase the item.

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